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This is the part of my blog dedicated to those small but tasty culinary achievements – sweets, cakes, cupcakes, muffins and rare salty snacks.

  • The recipe for Mazariners you can download here: MAZARINERS 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂


  • The sweet tooth in me never sleeps… sometimes I say to that – “sadly” but when I discover or come up with new delicious recipes that part of me just disappears. Last weekend me and my hon wanted something sweet but we had no stashes anymore. That is when we go and play the game … “discover what hides in your fridge and turn it into something sweet”. I love that part! This is how good recipes are born – unplanned ingredients and desire for sweets. Mmmmm… I discovered some apples, candied ginger, raisins, puff pastry, eggs, oil, milk, sweet cream and sugar (brown and vanilla flavored) . First I cut apples into slices and covered them with brown sugar. Added ginger cut in tiny cubes and raisins to the apples, spread them on the puff pastry (which I covered in some oil and a bit of milk) and rolled it. Once I put it in a baking tin I mixed an egg, sweet cream and vanilla sugar and poured it over the cake in a tin. On top I still spread quite some brown sugar in hope it would caramelize. 😀 I baked it on 200˘C for 20 minutes. In one word: Delicious!

kolac za net

  • Not too long ago, I made a bit too spicy chili-quark that not even some tomato paste could save, so instead of just tossing it into trash I baked lovely chili-quark-bread men. ❤ We ate them with Greek yogurt and they were just delicious!

chilli-quarkbread men chiliquarkmen

  • Halloween 2013 passed and left behind quite some leftovers but since they are mostly sweet I think we will manage to eat them all in time. 🙂 I definitively have a sweet tooth, if not even two. I would say, as a culinary achievement this Halloween party was a full success – I managed to prepare lovely chilly-quark mushrooms, salsa and guacamole dip for tortillas, two types of muffins, jello, ghost-marshmallows, chocolate pudding, delicious pumpkin-chocolate brownies and something solid – pizza. It was yummy, I think everybody left the place with full bellies. We also managed to succeed in our attend to extinguish thirst with our black punch. Underneath you have some proofs how it all looked. I am satisfied! 🙂 Gruesome details and ideas will now have to wait for a couple of months, until the carnival brings out its greatness.

collage halloween

  • My sweet obsessions are muffins and cup cakes, which is pretty obvious from previous posts. My biggest problem is that there are many delicious and tempting recipes on every corner and a person can only bake and eat some of those. This is why I usually try out new ones every time I bake. Those lovelies I made as my parents-in-law visited us last spring. They were with a lemon cream on top and lemon zest inside.



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