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In this part of the blog I will share with you my art projects. Sadly the older I get, I find less time for those projects. I guess it is related to the fact that I know it won’t be done in just couple of hours. Anyhow my random inspired days will be shared with you. It is sad how we, the people, often give up on our childhood dreams. I always wished to be an artist, maybe even creating cartoons and books for children. Let’s see if I gave up that dream completely…

Some of my old drawings:

the elephant The elephant drawing came to life still during my university time. Its future he found in Mirna’s hands. 🙂

That was definitively when I decided that my favorite technic is normal ordinary pencil. Later on you will notice that the most often models in my drawings are animals. It is such a diverse group where a person can practice drawing of all the different structures – fur, skin, scales etc. It is always challenging but in the end very rewarding.

the chimpThe chimp came to be in the period of time when I worked in Zagreb Zoo as an educator. In the Zoo was very easy to find inspiration and the next two pics I draw during that period. This chipm is still with my friend Dubravko in Zagreb.

the maned wolf The maned wolfs are such beautiful and elegant creatures, this one still decorates one of my notebooks.

hanuman langurs On hanuman langurs or the Holy Indian Monkeys I worked for quite some time. Somehow I was never quite satisfied and it took me months just to get them there where I wanted – finished and in my friend Jelka’s hands. 🙂


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