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Oh my oh my

Indeed, I have never thought nor believed that time can pass so fast. One blink of an eye and I am a proud mom of two and not a word about it written on my blog. Yes indeed, two lovely boys! I just threw a look on my old posts and realized how I have ignored this way of relaxing. No time and state of “brain dead” at the end of the day make it hard to make a step and just write. Maybe I should rethink this once again. This was a great way of recharging my batteries or leaving the bitter taste of the day behind me. It is time to start with it again. Will I have time for it? I should at least give it a try again. So many new things happened, so many new photos to share with the world and friends… Time will show if there will be time for more than just dreaming. 🙂 I do hope so! :*

Love Ana ❤


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