2016, oh my!

Indeed another year rushed by, filled with new challenges and beautiful moments. 2016 started in the expectation of our little boy and after 20th January the year just flew by. We were there when he pooped for the first time, laughed for the first time, finally got rid of his tummy problems, got the first tooth, got his eighth tooth, started crawling and many many more new intense moments. Every day brought something new and I am already excited what 2017 will bring. After not doing much for couple last years this year was really busy. Being a fresh-baked mommy was filled with small challenges and small victories. Yet another victory was that I managed to pass all my German and English tests and enroll the Tuebingen University as wished. Again a student! Never thought I would still be studying with 30. Hahaha! Nevertheless I am really enjoying it. Meeting new smart exciting people from all over the world, getting back into this “biology thing”, learning plenty of new things, exploring my personal borders and trying to cooperate everything at the same time – student life, being a mommy, being a wife, being a sister, daughter and a friend. For now I am doing pretty fine! I must say I am quite proud and felt so complemented as my best friend told me she is also proud of me managing everything so well.  In 28 minutes I will be 31! I hope 31 will be as good as 30 if not better. In 10 days my hubby and me have to give one awesome first birthday party. Not to far after that my little cousin has the confirmation and I am allowed to be right there for her as her godmother. Not to mention I am totally looking forward to travel to Croatia! So as you can see plenty of plans ahead… future looks bright and colorful. 😉

I have been also trying to keep up with my crafty stuffs but mostly forgot to make photos so for now this post will stay limited to words!

Till next time!

Your Ana ❤