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Presciouse time

As I suspected with time it got easier and we are enjoying our little boy to the fullest. There are even times where I get to steal couple of hours for my hobbies – for example making jam. 🙂 Indeed there are even different types of jams decorating our pantry at the moment, strawberries and rhubarbs jam, pina colada jam with pineapple and coconut and only one glass of lemon curd that survived. 😀 Other than that I was mostly baking and from time to time indulged myself with some crafty projects. For example these lovely “It is a boy” cards to let our whole family and friends know our little family counts three people now. 🙂


And after the first month we decided it was time to save the moment forever and made this cool imprint of our Peter’s foot and hand. ❤


Besides of cool marmelades I was busy with baking yummy stuff for every opportunity I got – whether it was somebody’s birthday, a visit or just a moms’group meeting. There was no place for salty stuff among all the cupcakes, cake-pops, cakes, cookies and elder syrup. Sadly I only made some photos…

… like these of my caramel cupcakes…


InstagramCapture_5b5f509f-faf5-435a-9824-053768c07e8e… or lemon cake-pops…

InstagramCapture_abc76f38-3283-4fd1-afad-6adcb8eca862… nutella cupcakes (chocolate dough with nutella filling and nutella-buttercream)…


… chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream…


InstagramCapture_a804dc2e-510c-4b27-8e8b-25d239286305…and a simple but yummy soy-milk-pudding with raspberries.

InstagramCapture_2202eff6-9294-45c5-8292-1b6d5ad1ef2bWith these delicious photos I leave you till there will be another free time gap.




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