Almost there

After a nice holiday season, concluded with today’s Three Wisemen we are ready for the arrival of our little prince.  I still hope that the little one will wait till my 30th birthday passes and than get his own glorious birth-day. 🙂 Our everyday life got a bit more complex since my activity level got to 0 or below and bending or walking longer then 5 min seems like hiking to Mt Everest but the end is near and we both are really looking forward to it. Not to mention the rest of the family. 🙂 Everybody is excited about the arrival of our bundle of joy. The grandmas are already buying the presents, grandfathers plan how they will play with him and everybody else is preparing cameras and cellphones to send his first photo around the globe. Having a baby is really exciting and it really makes families get even closer together. We will see how that goes on once he is there, how many volunteers will be there to help change dippers and sing lullabies in the middle of the night. Well one is sure, parents will do it gladly and grandparents seem to be also more than willing, sad that they all live so far. 😦 I bet we could use help during first weeks. Other than getting excited about the baby there is not much new. I tried to make my days shorter by making Christmas cards, baking and visiting as many Christmas markets as possible. 😀 As my sister visited we decided to check what is all the fuss about the Christmas market in Esslingen nearby. It was really awesome, decorated in medieval style with all sorts of old and new-German delicacies. Here is a photo as a proof. 😀


Considering the baking part on our menu were yummy cookies with pistachios, cranberries and chocolates, colorful cookie-pops and a traditional Croatian cake called Mađarice (which I forgot to make a photo of 😦 )…

collage kolaci Bozic 2014

Now 10 days after Christmas there are none left, only empty plates and full bellies. I believe once the kiddo is out, mommy needs a diet. 😀  Until then I plan to indulge myself further. 😀

And for the end here are some photos of the cards I made this year.

collage Bozic 2014

Till the next reading…