Finally back

Tick tack tick tack! Time ticks soooo fast by. Our little boy is going to be nine months soon and I will be a student again. I must admit I am looking forward to it a lot. The only bad thing about it is that from now on Peter has to spend quite some time in a kindergarten. Our little fellow loves other children which makes it a bit easier but I would prefer to have him by my side longer. Till my studies get to a full speed we are using every spare minute to do fun stuff. What do people do in Germany in autumn? People like to go to “Volksfests”! Many of you will know at least one – Oktoberfest. And I don’t blame you! It is so much fun! We went to see what is it all about at Stuttgart version of it – Cannstatter Wasen.  It was great! So many attractions, stands with food, games, music and tents with good beer and yummy food. From two hours our plans grew fast to six hours of fun…and Peter, he enjoyed it as much as his parents and Godmother and -father. 🙂 We jumped into a huge Ferris wheel and took a ride on a Mary-go-Round. He got his first gingerbread (“Lebkuchen”) with a sign “Mausebaer” and was allowed to steal mom’s strawberries. His daddy even won him a minion toy! ❤

Couple of weeks ago we visited Tuebingen as a family and enjoyed lovely autumn weather. Tuebingen is so pretty, I am really looking forward to study in this historical romantic small town. I like the position where we live right now even though I don’t always understand the mentality of people here. We are situated between three nice cities with different possibilities. Tuebingen is academical oriented, Stuttgart has so many opportunities for jobs and entertainment and Reutlingen’s outskirts offer beautiful nature and historical fortresses and castles. Not too long ago we decided to go to a musical. To be specific – Tarzan musical. It was awesome! Broadway worthy (and yes, I’ve been to Broadway). I am still in awe what those dancers/singers/actors did with their bodies and voices. Not to mention the acrobatics in the air, in front of, among and above the visitors. Maybe we do it once again once Peter will be a bit older and can go too.

I have been neglecting my backing since I am still fighting the mommy belly. There was one opportunity where I ignored that and gave my best to bake a cake worth of my hubby. It was his b-day after all. Since he is the biggest Star Wars fan I tried my luck with fondant and I was quite satisfied in the end.


With those sweet pics on the mind I am saying GOOD NIGHT! Yawn!

                                                                                                  Ana ❤


Presciouse time

As I suspected with time it got easier and we are enjoying our little boy to the fullest. There are even times where I get to steal couple of hours for my hobbies – for example making jam. 🙂 Indeed there are even different types of jams decorating our pantry at the moment, strawberries and rhubarbs jam, pina colada jam with pineapple and coconut and only one glass of lemon curd that survived. 😀 Other than that I was mostly baking and from time to time indulged myself with some crafty projects. For example these lovely “It is a boy” cards to let our whole family and friends know our little family counts three people now. 🙂


And after the first month we decided it was time to save the moment forever and made this cool imprint of our Peter’s foot and hand. ❤


Besides of cool marmelades I was busy with baking yummy stuff for every opportunity I got – whether it was somebody’s birthday, a visit or just a moms’group meeting. There was no place for salty stuff among all the cupcakes, cake-pops, cakes, cookies and elder syrup. Sadly I only made some photos…

… like these of my caramel cupcakes…


InstagramCapture_5b5f509f-faf5-435a-9824-053768c07e8e… or lemon cake-pops…

InstagramCapture_abc76f38-3283-4fd1-afad-6adcb8eca862… nutella cupcakes (chocolate dough with nutella filling and nutella-buttercream)…


… chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream…


InstagramCapture_a804dc2e-510c-4b27-8e8b-25d239286305…and a simple but yummy soy-milk-pudding with raspberries.

InstagramCapture_2202eff6-9294-45c5-8292-1b6d5ad1ef2bWith these delicious photos I leave you till there will be another free time gap.



Motherhood in its fullest

We expected our baby boy on 19th of January and he came with only one day of delay. Our happiness is bigger than ever and not to mention lack of sleep too. 😀 The little one is doing better than parents but soon enough he will sleep through nights and cry a bit less… until than we are living for those precious quiet happy moments when he smiles at us. I never believed it was true but just one smile of your child really deletes all the crying and all the sacrifices. Being a mother is a completely new territory for me but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Since the time is a very valuable thing lately there were no new projects so I am putting a photo of my last project before the birth of our little prince. 🙂 WP_20150113_002

Almost there

After a nice holiday season, concluded with today’s Three Wisemen we are ready for the arrival of our little prince.  I still hope that the little one will wait till my 30th birthday passes and than get his own glorious birth-day. 🙂 Our everyday life got a bit more complex since my activity level got to 0 or below and bending or walking longer then 5 min seems like hiking to Mt Everest but the end is near and we both are really looking forward to it. Not to mention the rest of the family. 🙂 Everybody is excited about the arrival of our bundle of joy. The grandmas are already buying the presents, grandfathers plan how they will play with him and everybody else is preparing cameras and cellphones to send his first photo around the globe. Having a baby is really exciting and it really makes families get even closer together. We will see how that goes on once he is there, how many volunteers will be there to help change dippers and sing lullabies in the middle of the night. Well one is sure, parents will do it gladly and grandparents seem to be also more than willing, sad that they all live so far. 😦 I bet we could use help during first weeks. Other than getting excited about the baby there is not much new. I tried to make my days shorter by making Christmas cards, baking and visiting as many Christmas markets as possible. 😀 As my sister visited we decided to check what is all the fuss about the Christmas market in Esslingen nearby. It was really awesome, decorated in medieval style with all sorts of old and new-German delicacies. Here is a photo as a proof. 😀


Considering the baking part on our menu were yummy cookies with pistachios, cranberries and chocolates, colorful cookie-pops and a traditional Croatian cake called Mađarice (which I forgot to make a photo of 😦 )…

collage kolaci Bozic 2014

Now 10 days after Christmas there are none left, only empty plates and full bellies. I believe once the kiddo is out, mommy needs a diet. 😀  Until then I plan to indulge myself further. 😀

And for the end here are some photos of the cards I made this year.

collage Bozic 2014

Till the next reading…