Cold weather activities ;)

Hello again!

Lately the belly got pretty big and mostly in a way so the rate of my activities got pretty low. Lack of moving did bring another good thing – I am focusing on my crafty side more.  Since most of the time I feel like sleeping I decided to make a small fall card edition to let everybody know where I am if they can’t reach me – in bed. 😀 This is how the idea started, sadly the photos of the final result don’t exist… I blame it on the pregnancy dementia. Believe me they were cute. 😉

hibernation 1

Other than playing with pens papers and glue I started to take my knitting a bit more seriously. Since I am trying to do it all by myself the progress of learning is slow but that is why every success is so much sweeter. 🙂 I already managed to fight my way through these warm wool socks for my sister. They will be a nice winter St. Nicholas present. She will definitively get a branch from Krampus too, 😀 just to make sure she stays good next year and promises to babysit whenever I need her to. 😀

Socks for Iva

Beside the socks I managed to find a cute but simple knitting plan for baby booties. I just finished them and I believe our little gentleman will enjoy them as soon as he comes to us.

Baby Booties

The time is really ticking loudly lately… tik tak tik tak… only two more months and we will be parents. This year holidays will last long – Christmas, New Year, my birthday and finally the birth day of our little fellow. I am looking forward to this jolly times! ❤

Adios! ❤