The fall is here

Colors came to our little piece of heaven on Earth. The magnificent palette of autumn colors surrounded the streets and meadows and pumpkin faces seem to be lurking on every corner. The cinnamon smell started spreading through kitchen windows and the cold breeze through the jackets. Yes, the real autumn is here! I love it. As a kid I used to hate it because I connected it to rainy gray days. Sadly lately summers are more like that and falls are just beautiful. I love it! The colors, the smells, the breeze – I love the whole package. Makes me want to roll in the fallen leaves in the woods or just eat cinnamon buns all day with a mug of hot tea. Lately everything more active became hard to do since the belly is really getting big but enjoying delicious food of autumn is not one of those activities. 😀 I definitively used the season of pumpkin well this year – we already had pumpkin soup couple of times and of course the sweets were on the menu too. Delicious pumpkin brownies and a typical pumpkin pie with a scoop of ice cream.


Yummy! Even the Starbucks offers yummy pumpkin beverages at this time of year. I can’t see what I hated so much about the fall before. Maybe the fact that I don’t do much these days also helps with the cosy feeling even when it is cold outside. Despite the big belly and additional backache I try to stay amused and busy. The crafty and delicious stuff are on my program almost every week. For a sneak peak I took a photo of my pumpkin pie and of my cute pumpkin that I carved the other day. Now even our small yard looks warm and welcoming despite the cold nights. Lets see what else I manage to create in these last couple of months of pregnancy.


May this season be jolly too! 🙂

Oh yes and btw I did manage to pass that horrible monster of a German test! Woop woop! 😀

Sincerely yours