After a month of silence I am back

Lately I have been very lazy when it comes to turning my computer on. Naturally that resulted in complete absence from most of my social networks. The days just seem to slip away while real life was happening. After visiting my hubby’s family in July the time came to visit my folks too. I managed to convince hubby the dearest to take our car and drive all the way to Croatia, my home place. It was refreshing to see everybody again without the whole trip being wrapped in a dark scarf of sadness as the last time. I let my parents pamper me to the maximum which also resulted in 4 additional kilos in only two weeks. My doctor was not happy once we returned home. Nevertheless the last visit to the gynecologist was exciting. We found out our little bundle of joy or as I like to call him ‘our little monkey’ will be a BOY!!! With a sad thought on my mind that I have to give up on the idea of buying small pink tutus, I embraced another thought, the one of small dinosaurs and cute tiny jeans with suspenders. 🙂 As you can see I am already getting a very high baby fever. Luckily there are still good people that keep my feet firmly on the ground. We will see for how long because I am growing tendencies to fly away on this huge baby-blue cloud of happiness. I have to say, except the fact that my profile started to look like one from Homer Simpson, the second trimester has been soooo much prettier than the first – morning sicknesses (or more like all-day-sicknesses) and oversensitiveness to certain smells are gone and my normal appetite is back. Or maybe it even got enlarged, even though I try not to eat for two. 😀 I still mostly blame mom and her kitchen for that. 😛 It is really easy to forget bad things about the pregnancy, especially once things come back to normal and you get to plan and do normal everyday stuff like cleaning and cooking without carrying around a big plastic bucket with painted poppies on it. Additional to finally cleaning our apartment thoroughly I was also keeping myself busy with preparing for my big German test in hope I pass it from the first try. I do have big plans once this little monster finally comes to live with us. And for those plans I do need a certificate of my German knowledge… I must say it all seemed easier than it in the end was. Well now all we can do is to wait and see if I managed or not. Till then I try not to think of it by spending money on little cute baby clothes and accessorize for my baby, OMG – MY BABY – for the first time. Suddenly all the adorable cute baby stuff don’t seem to be cute enough for our little superman. Nevertheless, I spend and spend and spend and apply for every possible baby card in a store they offer me. Poor little guy will disappear in piles of clothes and cards as soon as he comes to the world. Makes me wonder, are all future mothers like that or just me? Is it just under the influence of all those hormones or the fact that I carry XX chromosomes? Well if I disappear from this blog forever, you folks will know why, I got suffocated in a pile of free baby magazines that will soon start to pile on my doorstep. Hopefully till the next time…

it's a boy

Sincerely yours… mom to be ❤