Home alone

As you know we visited relatives in Köln last week and I still haven´t given the report on that. Sadly the weather was bad just as it has been for couple of last days. It seems as if the sky would just open and pour liters and liters of water on one square meter in just seconds. I know a bit more about science than an average person but sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with the weather lately and could it be that all this is coming from the global warming´s effects. Or is the sky just simply sad sometimes and needs to spill over for the sake of everybody else. Yeah, I know that is just us people or should I narrow it more down to, it is just us women, or even narrower – just me sometimes. Generalizing is easy and almost everybody does it but there is something about the fact that women cry a lot (probably just hormones).What I got to say to that is: men be happy when we do, it is our way/my way of deflating and letting the steam out, trust me it would only get worse if we didn’t. I like to think it is the same with sky, better a bit of rain every once in a while than a big storm that ruins everything once a year. Sadly exactly that happens more and more often. Ehhh I guess I drifted away from my original topic… visiting family. I must say that with my nauseousness and rainy weather the only happy thing that weekend was the family itself. We had a great time and we finally got to see our little nephew who is growing as fast as little mushrooms after all the rain. He is adorable! ❤ Ahhh kids are great! They are worth all the sacrifices a person has to make. I do miss my job, even one year after moving I still didn't get used to not working but as it seems there are greater plans ahead of us anyhow. Hope dies the last and I know once that I put my head into it I will manage everything, the right time just hasn't come yet. In my case the sweetest thing comes first and later on, the schedule will simply write itself. For now the hardest thing in my state is being alone a lot, especially since I don't live in a capital any more with all my friends just a phone call away. Let's just say our part of town (read village) hasn't even got a real store. It does keep our budget above the water with very little shopping activities. As already said, I just need to be patient for a little longer and our lives will be completely different, no more loneliness, never again. Until than I do hope hubby starts to come home a bit sooner, we manage a nice visit to Croatia and we manage to prepare ourselves well for what is coming our way in 6 months. 🙂 Never again home alone! 😉