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Heidelberg – Mannheim

Finally we got to travel a bit again, it wasn’t as far but still very sweet. This time we were visiting my sister in Heidelberg or as many foreigners like to call it ” The Harry Potter Town”. Not that it has anything to do with the character. It is more about the vibe those old buildings, the castle and plenty of students leave behind. All in all we had an awesome weekend and I prepared quite some photos of Heidelberg, Mannheim and us to present you the great atmosphere. So here we go with the first one. The one that will show you why Heidelberg really is one adorable little town filled with old charm.


Luckily there are also plenty of opportunities to make a monkey out of yourself here. I think Seb managed quite well. Just one of plenty cute things around Heidelberg.

ImageAnother beauty of this town is that wherever you go there is music tempting you to reveal secret places it is coming from. One of them was also this beautiful Heiliggeist Kirche.


What would it all be worth if we didn’t climb up to the top of the hill and visited the old castle with all its specifics…


…like the biggest barrel in the world…


…or a really old pharmacy museum.



Our second day we decided to spend in Mannheim. Mannheim is with its cca. 300 000 inhabitants quite bigger than Heidelberg but still as cute and magnificent. We decided to take a long walk from the big old water tower in the very center towards …


…the Luisenpark that is so much more than just a park. The area is huge and provides place for animals, plants, concerts, picnics, even gondola rides on a lake and a mini-golf. Let’s just say one day was not enough to see everything but we at least tried to have maximum fun in such a short time. Here you can see the two of us in the famous gondola. It was one really really nice ride.


As always my sweet tooth needed to be satisfied also so one yummy waffle with sugar and cinnamon was in order.


That was of course only the prelude and after the exhausting day we decided to treat ourselves with some real good German food. It was also yummy! To conclude: It was one heck’ of a good weekend. We are already looking forward to being on the road again in June.


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