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After-Easter Report

Ouuu yeah, I am back and the after-Easter reality hit, I also managed to gain a few new kilos on my waist and plenty of crafty plans on my mind. The Easter was really nice, food even better. We had Iva visiting us what made it even happier. We like to say that old one: ” The more, the merrier!”  It was also used as an excuse to cook more and do more of nothing. There was salmon cooked in creme fraiche, pork with potato dumplings and veggies gravy, cheese fondue, homemade pina coladas, traditional colored hard-boiled eggs, sweets and plenty more delicious foods and drinks. I planed to have a big breakfast and lunch outside, sadly the weather didn’t cooperate with my feast-plans. That also means I didn’t manage to use the little project from last time for that purpose. If you didn’t guess what the project was, the pic showed a bench in pieces. We bought it as a plain one and got it pretty cheap at the big furniture store during their garden furniture sale. I love plain, it is like an empty canvas, you can do with it what you like and out of plain make a masterpiece, not that I am claiming I made one but I sure made it cute and interesting and that is what matters to me. 🙂 So you saw the first phase – coloring it in red. We still had a bit of left over color from painting the kitchen shelves and I wanted to use it. Not to make it just red I decided to add a bit of Ana-touch, some flowers and colors. It worked out just great! Now our little front yard looks even cuter.



This will make our life out here even sweeter. Even though we didn’t manage to use the bench and the rest of the garden furniture for Easter, it was a nice investment. On the days after Easter weather did show its pretty sunny face for some time and we had an opportunity to enjoy and discover our wonderful new neighborhood by bike. I must say hubby did a great job in fixing and improving the used bike I got. That is our new thing, grab bikes and just ride around the place. I never realized how much prettier the world looks from behind my bike basket.  Last time I did not take my camera but I do plan to, so expect new nice photos. Yesterday rain came back and we are more or less locked up in the apartment, it is a bit too cold and to wet for anything else, at least in my book. On these kind of days I prefer to do some artsy craftsy or sweet stuff inside these four walls. As a matter of fact we did manage to bake something sweet over the Easter days. The yummiest Swedish cakes I ever tried (and they have plenty) – Mazariners


and some “lick your fingers afterwards” white chocolate creme served with puff pastry and fresh strawberries jelly. It was delicious, if you don’t believe me, ask Iva. 😉 And if you wish to make your own, under the “sweet” rubric you can find recipes.




I will come back soon with more new cute crafty and fun stuff. Stay put! 😉 🙂

Till the next time folks… Adios!


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