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Back from Croatia

The time flies lately. It feels like I have been dreaming about seeing my family two days ago and now it is already more than a week since we returned from Croatia. I am glad we took that rush decision and bought the tickets. I managed to see most of the people I wanted to see and I refilled my social batteries. 😉 Now we are back to just the two of us – hubby and me. ❤ As it turned out, just as we thought that we will have a calm two weeks for us, it got pretty busy lately. We decided to invest a bit more into our new old apartment. The apartment is now richer for one wardrobe, one tv-regal, a contractible sofa, a flower steps plus many lovely flowers and garden bench, table and chairs. I can’t wait to assemble all of it so that we can enjoy our new furniture and the clean apartment. 🙂 Hopefully this week will be long enough. After that we are going to search for some permanent occupations for me, either PhD, Masters or just an ordinary job. 😀 Hold fingers crossed! 🙂 Not to mention that I have a million and one super creative idea, just no time to realize them. Maybe soon enough there will be more than just text to check out on my blog. 🙂



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