Finally there where we want to be

Dear folks, 

it has been quite some time since I posted my last text and all that due to the moving stress. Today I proudly proclaim that we are MOVED IN! 🙂 The new place is painted, cleaned and decorated. The final touch is still missing but those cute little personal objects always find its place with time. The new space also inspires a person to build, craft of buy new things. I am sure it will be exactly the same with this apartment. As a matter of speaking, I am already at the project “Making of our red kitchen cabinet”. Once it is completely done, I will share those cute corners of our new apartment with you too. 🙂

The weather has been lovely these couple of days and I truly hope it stays so for our Munich trip and even more for our 10-days Croatia visit. I must say I am pretty excited to see all my friends and family. It is quite hard sometimes to live in a foreign country but I hope that soon enough Germany will feel even more like home to me. 🙂 Hubby sure helps to make it feel so. 🙂 Now that we finally have internet I promise to write more often about our upcoming adventures and progress with my small crafty projects. 🙂 

Adieu! 🙂