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How to make your wardrobe smell great and look as cute as a button…

Lately I was mostly focused on traveling and therefore blogged mostly on the adventurous part of my blog. That doesn’t mean that I was lazy on the other fronts. A small project was running quietly ever since the Christmas fever begun but sadly it wasn’t done  in time to make it a part of the presents. The idea was simple, the realization of it, as always, not so simple. At the moment I do not own a real wardrobe and every time that I glimpse at the clothes rack that is suppose to represent one, I just get sad. All my lovely clothes completely exposed,  looking miserable and somehow dull. This is when the idea kicked in. I need to make it a bit cuter and nicer. How? I decided to decorate couple of wooden clothes hangers with napkins and bows. The result was cute but not cute enough. It needed more. It needed not only to look cute, it also needed to smell nice. As I come from Croatia, lavender is the herb that crosses my mind as I think of nice natural essential smells. The plus of the lavender is that it also prevents clothes from moths and similar pests. The idea was born. I will make my own lavender bags. The needed material was bought and I was prepared to get down to business. 🙂 Did I mention I have never ever used a sewing machine before? No? Well I haven’t. In the end it turned out to be a lot of fun. Of course, first I was mostly just making mistakes but after some practice I had some bags that were satisfying and ready for further embellishment. Carefully I added needed color, sequins, ribbons and buttons and Vuola! my very first lavender bags were done. The final result you can see on the photo underneath. My skills are obviously still at the very beginning but also improving. Not to mention that now my “wardrobe” is as cute as a button. 🙂 😉 If you are interested in more photos and a whole step to step, do check the “craftsy” site of the blog.


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