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Finally I got the needed rest and time to report on our honeymoon. The last post was mostly just about Bangkok and as you might have noticed it left a bit of a bitter taste. At the end of the day when all is calculated in, I am very glad we got to see the capital, too. The rest of the trip was much less hectic and much more relaxing and romantic. We are definitively glad we chose the four most charming islands in the Gulf of Thailand as our main honeymoon destination. It was amazing! Image

The second we stepped on to the sandy ground of Koh Nang Yuan we were in heaven. The island itself consists of three parts connected to each other with only sand paths that disappear under the high tide. Magical! Here you can see our adorable little bungalow.


But that was not the most beautiful part, to see that one, you needed to go under the sea surface and discover hundreds of different fish species and spectacular diversity of life on coral reefs. The water being so clear and warm that one could stay in for hours. Not to mention that there is so much to see that you can actually spend hours while snorkeling or diving without noticing. My first impression was WOW, I feel like I entered an aquarium with exotic fish species. About what we actually saw under the sea and on the island I will write a bit more on my “nerdy” part of the blog. The colors were magnificent and the biodiversity extremely high – I went to the biologist’s heaven. All that awesomeness was accompanied with my hubby’s presence and days and nights filled with love and romance.  It really tasted like honey, or maybe even better, like coconut milk – sweet, fresh and yummy!

Second destination was Koh Tao, an island only 15 minutes by fishermen’s boat away from Koh Nang Yuang. This island was a bit bigger but as cute as the first one. The name of it stands for a turtle because there are plenty sea turtles that reside on its shores, at least that is what we’ve been told, sadly we haven’t encountered any. Our residence at Koh Tao was consisted of many charming wooden bungalows situated directly in a small rain forest above the Jansom Bay. The bungalow we got was adorable, decorated in typical Thai style. We even got a full honeymoon experience – petals and towel-swans on our bed, fresh exotic fruit and refreshments. Just lovely!


The surroundings definitively gave us the impact of Eden’s garden, very natural and abundant with life. Not all forms of life were as welcome as tree shrews (tupaias), for example millions of blood-sucking female mosquitoes but we didn’t allow them to spoil the beauty around us. This part of the trip was still a relaxing one, with us only leaving the bungalow to explore the nature or to go out and eat. Mmmmm Thai people can really cook but be aware when you order a medium hot dish it will be extremely spicy for the European taste buds in your mouth. Even though we did feel some side-effects of that red duck curry it was worth trying, once in Thailand you just got to try their delicious dishes.

The third on our list was Koh Pha Ngan. We decided to take a resort on a part of an island that is a bit quieter and not in the middle of the party zone. That might have been fun couple years prior but for a honeymoon we thought a quiet district near a small Ko Maa island might be a better solution. In the end it was a full success – we ended up in a 4-star resort with wonderful and helping people and an amazing flora and fauna all around.


After a day of rest at the hotel’s pool and a success to get burned for the first time in years, we decided to do something adventurous. We booked us a full animal experience – elephant trekking, snake and crocodile show and a tour around the island. Some of my friends might not believe me but yes we went for a snake show and as a proof I am putting this photo. Many know I am no friend of snakes but as it seems lately I got over my fear.


For me this was an amazing experience, I know that animals used in those shows are probably not held in the best conditions but seeing how much care and attention they got by their owners, made me sleep easier throughout the night. All of them were fed and cleaned properly. I think for an animal on Thailand that is already quite a lot.


The last destination was Koh Samui, the biggest and probably the most known island in the Gulf of Thailand. Our resort here was also made of small bungalows situated on the Mae Nam beach.  A charming little village surrounded by coconut palms and grazing buffalos with a beautiful temple just down the road. I made many great photos of Thai architecture and their great sense for small details but here I will share only this one, since that is the one I like the most. Adorable!


On Koh Samui we just decided to take our destiny in our hands and discover the island on our own. To do so, we rented a small scooter which made my Seb unbelievably happy. After first minutes of test driving on the left side of the road my hubby became a real pro and took us to every destination I marked on our map. First we went to see the Big Buddha and the temple. One thing is sure, the temples are always filled with tourists but somehow they still manage to remain peaceful. After that we went for some shopping in the Chaweng district where we got ourselves some Singha and Chang beer T-shirts, just to remember what our favorite brands of drinks were. Hehehe! With full bags we continued towards the famous Grandma and Grandpa rocks. They sure were sensational.  We also went to see where Buddha decided to leave his footprint and sadly realized that Thai people cared more for pointing out their resorts than special mystical places like this one. It took us far too long to locate it but in the end it was worth it. The last destination were majestic Na Muang waterfalls. We skipped the bathing part but still enjoyed climbing over the rocks underneath the waterfalls. We also treated ourselves with fresh coconut milk and we made a brave and yummy decision to buy some durian chips (also known as the stinky fruit). After an exciting day full of new memories we decided it is time to have at least one very fancy honeymoon-worthy dinner on Koh Samui, John’s Garden made that wish possible, too. We went back to our bungalow for the last time, completely satisfied and happy. It was a perfect ending of our romantic loving honeymoon! ❤


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