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Bangkok Wroomkok Fraudkok

Aaaaahhh yes, I am back with some news from Bangkok. I just read my last post and hubby and me just had to laugh because I hoped Bangkok would be relaxing and worry-free time. Those are more oximorons than synonims for Bangkok. We are still  too much under yesterday´s impression to contribute this blog with something sane. It is still a crazy hazy blurr so in short lines: We didn’ relax nor did we have any worry free time. The word best describing it is: CONFUSION³. I will remember this three days here by couple of things: 1. Almost getting hit by a car at least 50 times, considering that they mostly don’t have traffic lights for pedestrians or they just don’t care if you are on the crossing, 2. annoying cunning Thai people always trying to make you take their tuk tuk or cab to your next destination (or theirs)! 3. Almost not seeing any of the sightseeings because of the demonstrations, bad transportation connection to the center or simply because we came to the certain monument too late. Thai ppl are really morning people and we are sooo not, if you add the jet lag to it the result is hitting your nose on the door of almost everything, starting as early as 3:30 pm. Sad! And finally 4.getting scammed even when we thought we were doing everything carefullly and smart. 😀 Well we are a bit smarter than we were yesterday – NEVER, EVER, NEVER TRUST A THAI PERSON! Even if they look very smart and wear the latest fashion clothes. Hahaha! Luckily we are already in the state where we are laughing about it but it was pretty “koked” up! 😀 Conclusion – we got what we wanted- a full experience of Bangkok! Stay posted to find out more about our adventures, and as it started, we just might have enough for a book! 🙂 😀

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