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Back from München and on our way to Thailand

This time I report just shortly what is on my mind these days. We came from München back to our lovely apartment just to start packing again for our honeymoon. This is the trip I was waiting for months but as some of you might be aware, our picture of paradise has been a bit distorted during these last days. I always feel so sad when I see injustice, pain and hatred among people. There was nothing different as we realized that our paradise destination has been transferred in to a hell destination by all those protests and violent acts. I do hope that our three days in Bangkok still result in some relaxing and worry-free time filled with sight-seeing. I know that injustice is seen by different people differently but I don´t seem to understand how one can pull a knife or a gun on another person because one has different believes. It just seems so irrational – I wonder often: Do we all deserve the name Homo sapiens? All the actions sound more like Homo vulgaris to me. Primitive and basic, just the opposite of the name that we have given ourselves. Rational and wise…I don´t think so… In Croatia situation this days is not violent but I would call it not less primitive. Hatred has been on the streets of Croatia too. Sad. Especially because it should´ve been about love, not hate. I guess the line between love and hate is as thin as the one between crazy and sane. I do hope there will be nicer warmer and lovelier news coming my way in future. With happy thoughts on my mind I leave you till the next report from, hopefully, a happier place under the sun – Thailand! 

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