Christmas presents

This week I’ve been keeping my self occupied with Christmas presents. I managed to buy all of them and pack the ones that are to be shipped to Croatia plus I managed to make first part of the self-made gifts. Here are my bath bombs! I am becoming a pro! 😉 Image


Christmas cards are here!

Finally I got ink in my printer and some time to fiddle with crafty stuff. The results were our self-made Christmas cards. Those things always make me excited like a kid on a Christmas morning. 🙂 If you like our cards feel free to download the pattern for the cute snowmen under the Freebies and check for more photos under the Craftsy.


Back from Bamberg

On our way to Bamberg we dropped by to another Bavarian city. Can you guess which? As a hint I put a photo of some of its most known corners. 🙂 Ahhhh it was lovely. I always enjoy travelling to big cities. They provide so many options for your free time. Bamberg is itsy bitsy smaller 😀 but also very beautiful. If you are interested in how it looks, my “adventurous” part of the blog contains some photos.


If you have trouble guessing which city it is check under “adventurous” part of the blog.