Back from Hamburg

hamburg zastave

After four beautiful days in Hamburg we are back with great new memories. For more photos of this wonderful city check my “adventurous” rubric. We are unpacked and now it is time to get down to baking and preparing spooky stuff for Saturday! Yaaay! Can’t wait to realize all my ideas – hold your fingers it all works out. 🙂


Halloween party

Today me and my friends made it official: on 2nd November we shall have a Halloween party. Even though in Germany and Croatia we do not make anything special out of Halloween, I will definitively use every opportunity to dress up as somebody else and to bake and cook freaky spooky stuff. Luckily Halloween makes both of the above mentioned things possible. Stay tuned for more photos and updates about the party. 🙂

trick or treathalloween

“The World is a…

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Saint Augustine

– Even though I have already visited many countries there is still so much to discover. Luckily this year I get to expand my horizons a bit more. The beautiful Asia – the culture and nature that I’ve always been drawn to. I am absolutely looking forward to writing new pages about Thailand in my book of life. ❤